LINEA Acoustic Slat Panel is the ultimate premium and environmentally friendly acoustic wood panel on the market. It marries the high-performing acoustical qualities of our LINEA P.E.T. Acoustic Felt with our aesthetically pleasing LINEA Plank wood slats. The combination of P.E.T. and Wood Slats creates a fully customizable, decorative, and easy-to-install acoustic panel system for use on interior commercial and residential walls and ceilings. Acoustic Slat Panel focuses on environmental wellness and acoustical design. Acoustic Slat Panel is fabricated using post-consumer recycled materials and is 100% recyclable.


Type: LINEA Acoustic Slat Panel
Facing: White Oak Veneer, 13mm (1/2″) Light coloured MDF Board
Backing: 100% PET, 9mm (3/8″), Black
Module : 2515; 25mm (1″) Slat & 15mm (0.59″) reveal; 15 slats per panel
Panel Size:  603 x 2438mm (23.75 x 96″)
Thickness: 22mm (0.88″)
Weight: 2 PSF
Finish: Raw, Unfinished (Factory Finishing available upon request)
Fire Rating: Class B (Class A available upon request)
Acoustics: NRC 0.55-0.95 (with air gap and added acoustic insulation)

Contact LINEA to discuss additional facing, Backing, Module, Panel Size, Finish and Fire Rating options.

Note: Higher NRC Ratings are achieved with thicker PET backer, increased air gap, and added acoustic insulation. Acoustic test results for all possible combinations of backer, module, and air gaps with or without added acoustic insulation are not available. Please contact LINEA for available acoustic test data or to arrange acoustical testing for your specific product specification and mounting condition.

LINEA recommends adding a protective finish to the panels. When applied, the color and grain in the wood will instantly richen. LINEA can provide factory finished wood slats upon request at additional

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Wall: Furring strip, direct with screws & adhesive

Ceiling: Furring strip or T-Grid

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