LINEA Baffle

LINEA Baffle is a large format, vertically–oriented member used as decorative ceiling clouds or to cover areas of all sizes. LINEA Baffles are independently suspended from structure using aircraft cable, strut channel or T–bar grid. Optional notched backers allow LINEA Baffles to be attached to both walls and ceilings. Oversize LINEA Baffles can be joined together using biscuits for a seamless appearance. LINEA Baffles are available in solid wood or in a wide variety of wood veneers laminated to composite MDF or Particle Board Core. LINEA Baffles are considered acoustically reflective, but veneer versions are available with Microperforations for enhanced sound attenuation.


Type:  LINEA Baffle
Wood Species: Download Chart
Module Size: Select from Chart
Finishes:  Natural Clear, Custom Stained or Tinted Clea Finishes in Matte, Satin or Semi–Gloss Sheen
Fabric/Scrim: Optional Standard Black, Class A Fire Rated. Fabric Backer is not recommended for configurations with, less than four slats per Linear Foot.
Fire Rating : Class A per ASTM E–84 (USA) and CAN/ULC S102 (Canada)


ACOUSTICS: LINEA Baffles are acoustically reflective. Perforation options may exist to assist with acoustics
FIRE RATING: Solid Wood FX Lumberguard or FX Lumberguard XT chemical fire retardants are factory applied to all LINEA wood Baffles prior to further finishing to achieve a Class A Fire Rating when tested to ASTM E-84 (USA) and CAN/ULC S102 (Canada). When site cutting is required, FX Lumberguard can be re–applied to the cut locations and re–sealed to bring the panel back into conformance. Other topically applied chemical fire retardants or intumescent finishes may be used in lieu of FX Lumberguard to
achieve Class A Fire Rating. In some cases, the specifying consultant may need to file an Alternate Solution with local authorities for approval. LINEA suggests consulting with local building code consultants during the specifying stage to avoid any potential issues related to Fire Rating.
Veneer/Composite LINEA Baffles are manufactured with real wood or engineered wood veneers are laminated to Class A Fire Rated Composite MDF or Particleboard cores. The combination of Wood Veneer and Finish is less than 1mm
thick (0.5mm in most cases) and therefore should not be considered significant to the overall rating.
SEISMIC: LINEA Baffles meet seismic code compliance via direct mechanical connection to support grid. Local code
requirements should be consulted in order to determine additional requirements.
SITE CONDITIONS: Wood products are hygroscopic in nature and must be stored, installed & maintained in a controlled building environment. Temperature range should be maintained between 60° – 90° F (15° – 32°C). Relative Humidity range should be kept within a minimum 25% – max. 55% (not to exceed 20% RH from peaks to valleys).
Failure to maintain site conditions will void the LINEA warranty.

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