LINEA Reflector Panels control reverberant spaces with the warmth and beauty of wood in a variety of patterns, veneers, and finishes. Reflector Panels are designed for large spaces such as Performing Arts Centers, Lecture Halls and Auditoriums that require enhanced sound directivity, strength, and timing of reflections to create superior acoustics. Reflector Panels add shape and visual dimension to ceilings and walls to create a clearer and more consistent listening environment for music educators, performers, and audiences. Additional sound absorbing media can be installed behind the panels to further enhance acoustical performance.

LINEA REFLECTOR PANELS are intended for large
spaces that will benefit from improved directional
strength and timing of sound reflections to greatly
enhance the listening quality of the audience like:
• Auditoriums
• Lecture Halls
• Performing Arts Centers
• Worship Spaces
• Music Rehearsal Spaces

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